Since 2001, the Institute for Uniting Church and Home has uniquely helped families and their churches support each other and grow together.

Over the years, an emphasis on the believer’s union with Christ emerged that has defined our ministry and resulted in our changing our name to Home In Him in 2022.

Under our new name, we are now working more directly with families by helping them rediscover and reapply the gospel, especially in the home.

Homes oriented this way are positioned to bless their churches in tangible ways as conduits (not cul-de-sacs) of grace at church and in our neighborhoods and communities.

We changed more than our name, though. We welcome you to keep reading to learn more.

Eric Wallace, President, Home in Him

The Mess

When there is a problem in our relationships, we often try to fix it by quickly focusing on what we are supposed to do. “I must forgive the other person.” “I need to be more patient with the kids!” “I must stop this bad habit.” Of course, these are true. But “doing” is only half of the answer. Maybe less.

By itself, “doing” leads to a moralistic life that may have the veneer of righteousness but is void of gospel grace. It leaves us exhausted, frustrated, doubting, defeated, and in some cases, turning away from God altogether.

So, does that mean we do nothing? Are there no practical steps to apply the gospel in our homes? As the Apostle Paul said, “May it never be!”

The Message

The gospel isn’t just for unbelievers. Tim Keller famously says that the gospel isn’t the ABC’s but the A to Z of the Christian life.

The joy of the gospel is the key to living for Christ each day in our homes. In John 14:15, Jesus teaches that “if you love me, you will keep my commandments.” It is this love that makes us actually live the Christian life the way Jesus intended.

To accomplish God’s work, we must follow God’s way. What we see in Jesus’ ministry is found throughout Paul’s (2 Cor. 5:14). Every imperative of Scripture (what we are to do for God) rests on the indicative (who we are in our relationship with God).

Maturing Christians continue to joyfully live out what they believe, or else they will become stuck and powerless.

The Mission

Reach Families at Home

This is our priority. Everything we do is designed to go deeper and deeper into homes that are hungry for grace, tired of striving, and feel like they are missing out on what God has given his people.

Reach Families at Church

Families gather in churches and ask the questions about life that lead to gospel-answers Home in Him helps provide. Pastors are looking for answers to discipleship problems rooted in moralism that Home in Him directly addresses.

Reach Families in the World

Through podcasts, resources, and other group communications, we can reach families around the world with this message of hope. We influence, disciple, and prepare these families for future challenges that only those who know their identity in Christ can face with courage.

Our Staff

Eric Wallace leads Home in Him, and has written two books on the power of the gospel at work in the home and church. But he doesn’t do it alone. His family, especially his wife, Leslee, plays a crucial role in the ministry.

I love Jesus, but I still struggle to live for him in my home. I am excited to share the joy and confidence I have found in the gospel that encourages me to engage the challenges and by God’s grace, thrive.