Identity IN Christ for men

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As you get started, the question arises: is “new life” possible?

As Christian husbands and fathers, we still need the gospel! At the core of the gospel is a brand new identity that we receive in Christ.

This identity is the key to living for God’s glory which is where we find joy– even when our circumstances dictate otherwise.

Our new identity in Christ contains every spiritual blessing that by faith gives us the hope, power, confidence and joy that causes us to want to put off old, sinful desires and to live for God’s glory. Scripture is chocked full of identity statements that we over look when we only seek what we should “do”.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you are in Christ, God has already provided all you need.

These cards will help ignite a rediscovery of Christ’s awesome accomplishment for you so that you can enjoy walking with him as a new man.

Practical ways to use the cards

First, be more attentive to the identity statements in Scripture. Consider hi-lighting identity statements as you read them in your personal devotions, or as you read them in a passage that you hear preached or taught at church.

Second, pray these statements for your wife and children.

Third, consider sharing one statement each day with your family.

Fourth, be a source of encouragement and hope in your own church. help people rediscover the power of our identity in Christ. We would love to help. See our men’s ministry presentations.

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