Helpful Praying Points

Helpful Praying Points

Manners and sanctification


February 7, 2020



Recently, Eric and I have found ourselves facing some big decisions. Of course, one of our first lines of attack is to pray about it, ’cause that’s what we do, right? Sometimes I sound like a broken record, struggling to know what things really means to PRAY about things and what it really looks like to SEEK God.

Thankfully, my wise husband suggested we also talk through things with our dear friend Ben Taylor.

When you watch the news, new anchors always have their “Talking Points” to keep them on subject. I like to think of the tips Ben gave us as “Praying Points”.

1- Make our case to God. Appeal to him with our concerns and requests. We see many examples of this in the Old Testament through people like Moses, Abraham. They made appeals to God on behalf of themselves and others.

2- Ask God to set our hearts according to his will.

3- It is okay to set a time-frame on things. Pray about something for 3 days, three weeks or 3 months whatever is appropriate.

4- Be looking for another corner of the vineyard. Watch for the answer that God may have that we maybe haven’t considered.

5- Network. Talk to people who we respect, about our decision.  Get their feedback.

Some helpful scriptures to meditate on: Psalm 77 and Luke 18

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