Performance Parenting

per·​for·​mance par·​ent·​ing-

-a focus on desired results rather than the process.

-looking to our own righteousness, not Jesus’ righteousness.

-legalistic rules, not God’s grace.


Performance Parenting Series

This four part series begins with common struggles parents face and the gospel remedy. Eric and Leslee unpack the danger of finding our identity in our children. Then they follow it with how the gospel meets this struggle with grace and encouragement. In this series, they discuss things they would tell their younger selves about parenting littles and what they thought they knew about parenting teens and adult children.


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Identity in Christ for Kids

Being a Christian is not easy. “Wanting to” is critical to growth and perseverance.

One of the best things we can do to help a child want to walk with Jesus is to help them find joy in him.

We have compiled a list of Identity Statements especially relevant for kids.


Free Family Devotional

5:17 People Week

This FREE 7 day devotional will help your family rediscover together what it means to live as new creations in Christ.

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Ordinary Parenting

Ordinary Parenting

Are you struggling to lead your children because you are, well, ordinary? Maybe you don’t feel knowledgeable of the Word, or your ability to teach it.

Are You Ordinary?

Are You Ordinary?

The purpose of this self-evaluation is simply to get you thinking about where you are in your pursuit of the ordinary disciplines that when faithfully…

Liturgy of the Ordinary

Liturgy of the Ordinary

The hotel ballroom was packed. I was one of three plenary speakers at a conference for youth and children’s ministry leaders. In commenting on the alarming…

Life is War

Life is War

It was one of those conversations where Leslee and I could not seem to understand each other. Though calm, things were not going swimmingly

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