Season 1

Family in Worship

How do you do family worship? What are the goals? If you’ve asked these questions and more, join us for this four part series as we deep dive into family in worship, both at home and in church.

Featured Episode

The How and Why of Family Worship

In this very first podcast, Eric and Leslee talk about family worship. They will talk about the goal of family worship, the procedure and how to keep track of what you have covered as a family.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    25min

Family Worship with Little Children

We’ve discussed the How and Why of Family Worship. In this episode we will discuss some practical suggestions for including the little ones in our family devotion time.


family worship with teens

Family Worship with Teens

Family worship with teenagers is a different game! Leading our older kids spiritually is more important than ever as they move into adulthood. 
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family in worship at church

Family in Worship at Church

In this episode, we discuss family in worship on Sunday morning. We will address how to help our kids engage in the local church and take “ownership” of their part. We will also touch on some of the practicals involved in having even little kids in the church service with you.